Thanks for dropping by! I’m so happy that you’re here!
A couple of years ago, the idea of sharing and collecting brave stories suddenly crossed my mind. I was at a point where life was testing me, and I was terrified of what could happen next. It was difficult, but I knew that I had no other option but to be brave- on my own, with deep breaths and fingers crossed.

As I was sorting out my thoughts, I also realized how bravery is often equated to superheroes and war soldiers that we fail to see bravery in ourselves. In fact, every single day is a day to be brave. From killing that flying cockroach, going on a solo adventure, switching to a new career, or giving love a second chance, I think we can all call ourselves brave. And it’s about time that our brave stories are heard.
Fast forward to today, what started out as a random thought turned into an avenue where people can freely share their stories of everyday bravery. Brave plus stories equals Braveries! Within this space, you will surely find people who are going through the same things you are.

Whether you just don’t notice it or maybe you just can’t admit it to yourself, YOU are brave and YOU have a brave story to share.
So stay for a while and just feel at home. We’re all excited to hear your story!

With love,
Krista Rodriguez